We are specialist in  independent glass tougheners and glass processors in China, providing a range of glass solutions for a wide range of industry sectors for a whole host of different applications. Some of our capabilities include:

Cutting Capabilities cutting:   BOTTERO  straight line cuts from italy
hand cutting: pattern templates
Waterjet cutting: CAD drawing


Edge working

        Finishing the sharp edges of cut glass is applied for safe handling, chip reduction, or aesthetics.
We provide angled and multilevel bevels, seams, corner dubbing, circle or flat ground, pencil, and polished edging.


Screen printing

      New technology and state-of-the-art equipment allow for high precision printing accuracy. We can combine conductive or display inks and custom colors using epoxy, enamel or ceramic-based inks for busbar, display, logo, and lettering applications. Opaque and semitransparent inks are available.


Toughen furnace

        we adopt the advanced tempered furnace ,that can produce 3-19mm toughend glass with flat and clean surface and good quality performance.  comply with EN12150,CSI2008 ,GB standard.