Thermal Insulated Glass/Double Glazing Glass

     Insulated glass(IG) is a prefabricated unit made of two or more glass
panes with aluminium or stainless steel spacers,filled with desiccant,which are
edge-sealed around with compound sealant. Normally,the spacers width of
insulated glass is 6mm,9mm,12mm,15mm,18mm ect.

  Optical performance

◆Visible LT 10%-80% and LR 13%-35% depends on different panes of Insulated
Thermal feature Insulating glass can reduce U
value,especially when filled with inert gas
 Sound insulation  Insulated glass can lower the noise,if applied with
laminated pane,80 decibels of traffic noise could be as low as 45
Anti-dew Desiccant keeps the dryness inside the
spacer and resists forming Of dew

 Production capacity:
  ◆Specification: Maximum size 2400×5200mm    Minimum size 300×300mm
  ◆Regular thickness of spacer:  6A  9A  12A  15A  20A for Air or Argon