Low E Glass

   Low-Emissivity glass (Low-E glass) is a kind of specialty glass with excellent functional performance characteristics of solar control. Such glass is generally coated with multi-layers of metal oxides and some other materials, designed to allow transmission of high level of visible light, and reflect UV and infrared radiations. It can be categorized as hard coat low-e glass and soft coat low-e glass.

◆On-line low e glass=Hard Coated Low E Glass

◆Off-line low e glass=Soft Coated Low E Glass

Low Emissivity = Low U Value

 ◆ architecture decoration,glass curtain wall,glass sunshade,etc

Production capacity:
  ◆ Thickness: 3.2mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm

  ◆ Regular sizes:3210*2140mm 3210*2250mm 3300*2140mm 3300*2250mm 2000*1500mm 2140*1650mm 1830*2440mm

  Low E Glass Colour:Clear,Green,Blue,Grey,Bronze......

  ◆ Customized sizes available