Mirrors are manufactured by depositing either aluminum or silver nitrate on float glass so that it can
produce images by reflection. The manufacturing is done on a conveyor system which is made up of
various stations, i.e. for washing and scrubbing the glass, depositing sensitizing chemicals and
silver nitrate, layers of copper and 2 layers of protective backing paint.


1. Made of good quality  float glass sheet.
2. Single coated paint or double coated paint, many kinds of colors such as bronze, grey, gold bronze etc.
3. Exact image and high reflection. Reflection ratio exceed 90%.
4. Deep processing, can be arbitrarily cut into any size and any shape.
5. Polished edge processing, round edge, flat edge, and beveled edge etc.


Thickness: Silver mirror: 2-6mm
Available size: 100mm*150mm(4"*6")---2440mm*3660mm(96"*144")