Tempered Glass


          Tempered Glass panels are manufactured through a process of heating and rapid cooling,making it four to five times stronger than normal glass.Tempering eliminates the danger of sharp edges because the glass will shatter into small particles when broken.


          Safety:After breaking to fragments,not to hurt body.

          Strength:4-5 times strength than ordinary glass.

          Hot stability:good hot stability,it can endure 3 times temperature than ordinary glass,also can endure changing of above 200°C.

       size:according to customers
       color:clear,blue,green,grey,coated ,etc
       edge:flat,grind,fine polished,bevelled,holes ,cutout available
       corner:natural corner ,grind corner,round corner with fine polished
       package:polywood case with paper between each piece of glass.
       MOQ:1 crate,different types of glass can be mixed in a 20' container.


   Quality Standard:  EN 12150,National compulsory 3C Certification, SGCC certification,Australia AS/NZS 2208 Certification